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The full-tent model Prime Air HQ (high quality) combines stability, comfort and stability. This is available in 4 different sizes: size 31 = circumference 906-930 cm, size 41 = circumference 931-955 cm, size 51 = circumference 956-980 cm, size 61 = circumference 981-1005 cm. Tent depth: 240 cm. Canopy: approx. 25 cm.
Material: roof/walls made of Texolan 150 HQ (high quality), PU coated; raised spray and earth strip made of polyester fabric coated on both sides. Front wall: separable and removable; round arch door on the left of the middle, roll away or roll up; window right of the middle can be rolled up as an entrance; window equipped with curtains; lockable gable high ventilation; covered zips. Size 31 and 41 with four windows, size 51 and 61 with five windows.
Side walls: removable; entrance door can be rolled away from the side; large ventilation window made of mosquito gauze with closable clear film flap with zip; ventilation window equipped with curtains; covered zips. Construction: Air-in system with an air hose diameter of 10 cm; additional air-in air hoses in the roof and in the front wall. For size 31 and 41, two additional and for size 51 and 61 four additional in the roof/front wall. Height compensation blocks for size adjustment and uneven surfaces.